Where i go to download a movie, tv show or a game

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We all want something to do when we are free. Some used to do productive things like reading a book, workout, write stuff etc. But others like me, wants some way to pass the time. Best way to do so is to watch a movie or a TV show or else play a game. Here i’m gonna add some places where i prefer for finding them.

Movies and TV shows

Most reliable way to download anything is torrents. I know you already know that but where to find good torrents is the question. I myself prefer 1337x and KickAss which are pretty decent. There are other good sites too, but these were here for long time and still going strong. Next thing to discuss is which method to download.

  • Use a torrent client such as utorrent, bittorrent
  • Use a paid online torrent client like seedr
  • Use your own torrent client

From above options what i prefer is the first option where you have much control. Reason for preferring is the fact we can seed the torrents otherwise whole concept of file sharing would fail. But there are drawbacks. It’s really hard to download a torrent which is old or don’t have that much seeders. Sometimes speed can be terrible. In such cases using a online torrent client would be better. Downloads will be much faster. But all the paid services only provide limited file sizes for free tier. In seedr you can go upto 5GB as i remember with the referrals. That’s a decent storage to download a movie but not for a complete tv show though. Don’t worry you can have private online torrent client for yourself. If you have your own server, you can use https://github.com/jpillora/cloud-torrent to create your own torrent client and get all the benefits of a paid service for free ( except for server charges :grin: ) It’s pretty easy to deploy is you are gonna do it via docker.

What else other than torrents ? Why not direct downloads. It’s pretty fast but kinda frustrating with the ads though. Anyhow lets see few good sites with direct links.

These are the two sites which i prefer. Direct download sites don’t update as quick as torrents but the wait can be worth. Not only that those links won’t expire or slow down like torrents. But issues is the layer of ads that you have to get thorough to reach the real link. But sometimes it’s the only way as for some movies and tv shows torrents are completely dead. From direct downloads, what i prefer is the MEGA downloads. It’s pretty fast and speed is consistent. From above two sites, you can find almost any movie that you wanna watch and i can guarantee, quality is pretty good. Not only the file size is pretty small too.


With the games issue is the file size. If you prefer torrents, resiliency is there as it won’t fail in middle of the download. But the time you have to wait till it download is too much. :grimacing: So personally i prefer direct downloads for games. Another thing that we want to think about is the ripper. There are so many good game rippers. My personal favourite is FItGirl. Another thing that you have to be aware of is that to download the setup or a repack. Setup is the original setup of the game and after that you will have to apply the crack by yourself. Repack is the compressed version of game source files after installation ( probably crack is applied too). I prefer repacks as they are way easy to start playing and they works most of the time out of box without any issue.

Where to find games is the next question. Both torrent sites i have mentioned above have all the official game torrents from all the best rippers. As i prefer FitGirl ripper and direct downloading, i always go to fitgirl-repacks.site first. The specialty of FitGirl is the compression ratio and language separation. Yes it takes hours to install a FitGirl game but the size is smaller compared to any other ripper. Where to find direct downloads is the next question. FitGirl provides few direct download mirrors, where you can download part by part. But if you a little patient, after sometime there are google drive links in the comment section. That’s the most reliable, hassle free method. When u download via GDrive there comes another issue. As there are so many downloads at the same time, most of the time maximum download limit is reached. There is a handy trick to override this. What you have to do is copy one file to your personal drive and download it. After that delete and continue the same for the other files.

So this is how i prefer to download stuff, What about you ? If you have any other good way, don’t forget to leave a comment. Peace out :metal:


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