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Main reason why fiverr has become the gateway for freelancing is, it’s really easy to start working on fiverr. To be honest it didn’t took 30 mins for me to create my first account and the gig. (Of course it didn’t work out :satisfied: ) I heard about Fiverr in 2013, I think. Just to try out I did create a account and post a gig but never followed it up. In 2016 I’ve heard about local developers, who earn big bucks with fiverr. So as anyone would do, I dust it up my old account and try to find ways to bring up my gig. Before start talking about that, let’s go over the basics. These are few pointers you should remember when you create a fiverr account.


Start with a account

  • Does the account name matter - actually I dunno for sure, but I don’t think soo. I’ve seen weird names. It’s better if you can brainstorm a cool name.

  • It’s not a bad thing to brag about yourself a bit - talk about yourself a bit in account description and make it a good pitch.

  • Payment method - If you are eligible for paypal, go for it but I’ve never used that. But My opinion is Payoneer bank transfer is the best.

  • Most of all keep fiverr as the gateway to freelancing but please don’t rely on it much, will tell you later why. :expressionless:

  • Add a good dp, if it’s professional better.

  • Do few skill tests when you have time.

Next create a gig

Okay then let’s start creating your gig.

  • before everything open an incognito tab and search fiverr for what you do and open up few top gigs that caught your eye.

  • Go through them and find what you like most in them, Now what you gonna do is add em all in one gig

  • Go for a simple name but attractive one

  • If this is your first gig, start from $5 package and add few other packages for like $20, $30

  • Create a consolidated description with all the things you’ve learnt from other gigs

  • Most of all add few eye catching photos, If you can create them by yourself that’s good.

  • When adding tags, add the most common tags you found from other top gigs.

These pointers will help you to create a good gig. But is that enough ? Oooh noo. You gotta do soo much more. Now you have to bring your gig to people.

How to bring the gig up?

  • First thing you have to do is, stay online and be patient. You will have to keep your account online 24/7. Use a auto refresh plugin and set the time for more than 5 minutes.

  • You can share your gig with friends and can collect few favourites. That help a bit. But there are some buggers who will report your gig. Take a risk, go to a larger crowd. There are few gig promotion fb pages where you can do this.

  • Send proposals to buyer requests, If you were able to get one and add a review to the account that’s very helpful

  • Most of all, it won’t happen in a day. So don’t loose your faith, give it a time.

Next thing to talk about is what to do and not to do when working with buyers

What to do and not to do?

Always remember, Fiverr customer support is the bully you had in the second grade. Do everything to resolve an issue with the customer before going to CS. If you can’t resolve it, just cancel the order. Account and the gig is worthy than one order. So don’t do my mistake. At first, it’s okay to do jobs for few bucks, but when you are getting orders, don’t sell yourself short. Demand and try to get what you deserve. This doesn’t mean that you should request for inconsiderable amount.

Always start the negotiation little bit higher than your original estimation, settle down little by little. Be cautious when you take a job, school assignments can disable your account too. You don’t have to say Sir for the buyer. Call him/her by his/her name or use something casual. Some people don’t like calling them friend and mate, so beware. Always be polite and talk like you know stuff even if you don’t. LOL

Don’t worry much about cancelling a order that you didnt work on. It will hurt your account but it’s better than loosing it. And please beware of indian and pakistan buyers. No offense. There are good guys but not all of em.

But don’t rely only on fiverr

fiverr issue

Even it’s easy to start fiverr, It’s very unreliable. You can loose your gig/account any moment. So use fiverr to earn an extra buck and spend it on something reliable. (start a business maybe) Lemme tell you why I’m writing this article now. I’ve got my gig denied yesterday due to TOS violation (school assignments). Issue is 80% of the projects in fiverr are school/university projects. What can we do ? If not for them, how can we earn a penny?

Do you know the reason why all the top selling gigs are either Graphic designing/ story telling etc. Because those are not taught in schools or universities. :sweat_smile:

On that note, keep in mind that you can loose your account any moment and plan for it before hand. If you found some regular buyers, get their contacts. (don’t ask for it in the chat. Use a pastebin link with a expiry) And invest what you earned and start something solid that you will never have to do fiverr again. !!! Cheers


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